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  • Trazae Lewis Clinton

    Trazae Lewis Clinton

    Happy Birthday Tracey Lewis-Clinton May 1 2017 the Funk Capital of the World, AMSTERDAM Parliament-… Tags: Clinton, Lewis P May 3 12 views



    Garrett Shider's Hand Me Down Diapers album is set to drop May 19th!! Linda Shider's info, thank yo… Tags: Shider, Garrett P May 3 9 views

  • Clip Payne - PFunk Narrator

    Clip Payne - PFunk Narrator

    Dankjewel Michael 'Clip' Payne This video contains audio of the 420 Funk Mob featuring Garry Shider… Tags: Payne, Clip P Apr 28 9 views

  • P-Funk Movement

    P-Funk Movement

    George Clinton, the singer, songwriter and mastermind behind legendary bands Parliament and Funkade… P Apr 28 8 views

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