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I'm not on this site as much as i 'd like to be .One reason for that is that i'm doing a zillion things at once so i tend to forget stuff,but it all leads to one thing and thats to further develop and better the brand that i'm putting out, my music and podcast.Now what some of you may not know is that i do have a podcast that i produce on weekends.Right now its a showcase for my music,but further down the line i would like to develop that even more and have a podcast that features new talent in the Funk/R&B/Jazz genre.I would feature their music have them on the show as guests to talk about their music etc.At some point i may look at having the show on the internet in the video format.What i'm looking for right now is sponsors to advertise on my podcasts as well as my website .Now i have one of those patreon pages up so you can even donate ,all it takes is just a $1 each to get this of the ground you can do this by going to i also have a page for sponsors at
if you need to contact me personally then either go to my website at
or e-mail
or call at 2894409693.
In the meantime don't forget to tune into my podcast at

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