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Indie Artist "A" Drops Hit Single "Better Days"

"A" was born in Atlanta & raised on the west side of Birmingham, AL. He titles his mixtape "self conscious" the reason for that name "A" explains: "Not only because of the internal dialogue that I have in my songs, but also because I've always been too self conscious to pursue a music career, even though I've been writing since before I can even remember." One of "A's" artists that he grew up listening to is Tupac Shakur. He explains that his music is more like a diary to him & throughout the entire song it seems like he's talking to himself. He talks to us about his project and says "I have 3 different personalities in my mixtape who are: Ace, Arsbra, and Artis. My character consist of all 3 of these personalities. "A" who is more arrogant and hostile, Arsbra who is just trying to figure everything out like everyone else, and Artis who is calm and peaceful and has a purpose to inspire evolution. Throughout the mixtape some songs will be written by Ace, some by Arsbra and some by Artis." Which is why I name myself "A". He's is a very unique and artistic musician and he's ready to show the industry what he has in store.

Ace - "Better Days"

Twitter: @Arsbra
Instagram: @_blacksheep_a

Any questions or interviews call Parnell Gervais @ Thorough Consulting 631.664.4927

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