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New Podcast Episode Up

I hope everybody had a good holiday weekend .If you ask me it went way too quick.But that aside ,i just published another podcast episode of my show Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions.So  be sure to visit and give it a listen.Also thanx to all the other listeners that tune in on a regular basis especially at . We always want to make this show better so don't forget to make a pledge at  or at so don't be shy every little bit helps .We'll even…


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New Podcast Episode

Well its been a while but just letting everybody know that i still have my podcast and you can check it out by joining Fred Wilson for a cool fast paced show featuring original Funk Fusion jams from a cutting edge highly talented Musician Serious Nubian.Go to…


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New Podcast

I just this minute posted a brand new episode for my podcast show Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions.I think its coming along quite nicely so far and slowly gathering momentum in regards to generating an audience  ,but i’m always looking at developing it further to make it a better brand  thats why i’m selling advertising space on my podcast so go to the link if you’re an advertiser looking to advertise ,go to  …


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New Podcast Episode

Have'nt been here for a bit mainly cause I couldn't get the link but now I have it .Latest update is that I have a new podcast episode coming up over the weekend ,so don't forget to tune in for some cutting edge music from brand new original  musicians.Introduced by your friendly host Fred Wilson at  also at…


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New Podcast

Well here we are again and its a brand new year 2017.I’m not going to say have a happy or prosperous new year because everybody else says that and i’m not one for following the rest of the herd .A new year to me just means everyone gets older and time goes fast enough as it is already.If this keeps up, i’ll be looking at taking retirement goddamit. Getting older really sucks ,hate it detest it,don’t want nothing to do with it.So i’ll just go along in my own mind that i’m still Twenty Six and…


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Podcast Looking For Sponsors

I'm not on this site as much as i 'd like to be .One reason for that is that i'm doing a zillion things at once so i tend to forget stuff,but it all leads to one thing and thats to further develop and better the brand that i'm putting out, my music and podcast.Now what some of you may not know is that i do have a podcast that i produce on weekends.Right now its a showcase for my music,but further down the line i would like to develop that even more and have a podcast that features new talent…


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Went To See Maceo Parker

My girlfriend and myself went to see Maceo Parker over the weekend at the Burlington Arts Centre.For those of you who don’t know who Maceo Parker is ,he use to be in James Browns backing band The JBs back in the 60’s.He also played with Parliament,and Bootsy Collins Rubber Band.Have to say that he put on a bloody good set.His band was super tight.They all displayed some serious licks when it came to their solo spots.Had to have been the best thing i’d seen this year with Dumpsta Funk having…


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Check Out Episode 9 Of My Podcast

Yes its back once again Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions episode 9 a podcast that features newly original cutting edge music from new artists,hosted by the ever friendly Fred Wilson…


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Episode 8 Podcast

Episode 8 of The Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions podcast will be online the next weekend .Don’t forget to tune in to new exciting undiscovered music  and talent ,presented  by your ever friendly  host Fred Wilson .

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Episode Seven Of My Podcast Is Up

The latest update is now  episode seven of my podcast show, Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions is up and running online.So far all the episodes have featured the music of solo instrumentalist musician Serious Nubian ,a musician originally from Hammersmith London uk now based in Canada,who has an album out titled Just A Feeling which you can get at  by clicking the link…


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My Podcast Is Up

Episode 6 of my podcast is now up.

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I Have A Podcast Online

Hey how is everybody  doing ? I have'nt been up and about for a bit ,mainly because i kept logging into the wrong link.I was forever trying to get to thats what i thought the link was,i did'nt think that it was no wonder i could'nt find it.Now i'v made note so i won't get lost again.Current update is that i now have a podcast online.Its very new and i'm slowly trying to build momentum with it.Its called Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions the same as my website.I…


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In A Band We Want To Hear From You

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions will be a Bi-Weekly Pod Cast feature on the internet that  includes new bands showcasing their music.We are looking for brand new upcoming bands that feature musicians and instruments . No boy bands.We prefer mainly Funk,R&B,Rock,Jazz,Blues genres for now.If you're interested in having your band featured on the podcast ,then please submit the following:

1.A Biography including band history and band members



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Hows Things

Been away for a bit but i'm back to announce that i'v finished the new  album which is titled Stay In The Dream.It is only available in downloading form only for now.You can download it in mp3 and wave formats.The album is available at

Keep the Funk Alive 

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Hows Things

Yep Still working on recording new tracks for a new CD.I love making and creating music.When anybody gets the chance feel free to check my website at

I just added a clip of this young brotha Sharay Reed locking it down.Boy the brotha can play. 

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Added new feature to my website.

Hey hows it going.Just taking some time to inform everyone that i have added a new feature to my website,called the Online Recording Service.This is for say Vocalist that need backing tracks,or Music for Short Film,Movie projects,Tv projects etc.Whatever music ideas that you have you can relay them to me on a contact form on the website,or by phone or e-mail either way i will translate those ideas into  a fully produced backing track for whatever project you…


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New Bass Endorsement

Just took recievership of a new Spector 5 String Bass from an endorsement i secured with Spector Guitars,Its a nice Bass ,its primarily for the band i perform with Coldjack i'm more of a 6 String Bassist though so i will be getting a couple of 6 String Basses some where down the line for my other project Serious Nubian which incorperates alot of soloing.Look for Serious Nubian to be performing via online streaming in the future.

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Serious Nubian

Serious Nubian is an instrumentalist studio project using the Bass/Synths/Drum Programs/Vocodor/Composition as a means of expression to define the groove,by creating 70,s Funk/Fusion influenced music that establishes new boundaries in sound and rhythm.Download Satisfy My Soul today and catch…


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