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I know that for me..."the magic 1510 am" was THE funky station in Colorado...I listened to it and thought I was hip...but day in 76 I was taken into my mom's best friend's son's bedroom!
It was a Chapel to Parliament.....all thangs Funkadelic was up in there... I was hooked for life!

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My funkadelic cherry popped in grade school. Over 30 years ago. And i've seen them 6 times live.

It was the early 70's for me . I remember the first time I heard Mr James Brown shout " Fella's I'm ready to get up and do my thing !.....then Bootsy's Bass line . Boom ! I was hooked. Yeah, Sex Machine got me on the scene! I was mesmerized .I was a typical kid growing up in the North Of England , I seem to remember all my friends were listening to bands like Sabbath , Zeppelin etc all good bands but it missed something for me. My cool Uncle sat me down and introduced me to Hendrix , The Rolling Stones( In my opinion The Stones did a lot to introduce us Brits to Funk especially with stuff like Fingerprint File etc), Muddy Waters and through listening to the Blues I slowly "got It"- The Funk that is. By the time I got to hear the Mothership Connection album and Free Your  Mind And Your ass Will Follow - I was a hopeless case.


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