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  • Billy Bass Nelson

    Billy Bass Nelson

    Funkadelic Groupie by OG Funkadelic Billy Bass & 420 Funk Mob Billy was born in Plainfield, New… P Jan 30 19 views

  • Ramon 'Tiki' Fulwood P-Funk Drums

    Ramon 'Tiki' Fulwood P-Funk Drums

    Beginnings were humble, if instantly successful, when Parliament scored a #10 R&B hit with the… P Jan 29 15 views

  • Tyrone Lampkin P-Funk Drums

    Tyrone Lampkin P-Funk Drums

    The late great Tyrone Lampkin 1948 - 1987 "From what I understand(from P-Funk members), when Tiki h… P Jan 27 6 views

  • Bootsy Collins Way

    Bootsy Collins Way

    January 25 2017 Evanston Cincinnati Ohio Streets Renamed for King Records Artists Three streets in… P Jan 27 9 views

  • P-Funk @ Washington CC

    P-Funk @ Washington CC

    1 Nation @ Chocolate City P Jan 20 6 views

  • Ron Stozo Edwards

    Ron Stozo Edwards

    January 19 Happy Birthday Big Stozotizer Ron 'Stozo' Edwards has worked with many music,film and vi… P Jan 20 4 views

  • Clip Payne - Uncle Jam

    Clip Payne - Uncle Jam

    Word Funk Radio on Soundcloud The Man in the Box Mixtape Type Thang Clip Payne Parliament-Funkadeli… P Jan 18 15 views

  • P-TV - Michael Hampton & Lige Curry

    P-TV - Michael Hampton & Lige Curry

    Uncut P-TV August 20 2016 North Hampton MA 'Check out P-TV, that's where you wanna be' (Muddy) Fant… P Jan 18 4 views

  • P-TV new P-Funk track

    P-TV new P-Funk track

    George Clinton received a new track January 14 2017 Houston Texas Video © Carlon edit Bushtales (vi… P Jan 18 9 views

  • Shady Grady Thomas

    Shady Grady Thomas

    January 5 Happy Birth Day Sir Shady Grady Grady started Parliament with George in 1955. Grady sang… P Jan 18 7 views

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