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The DAILY DOSE OF FUNK -"Funky-Ass Beat"

This, believe it or not, was the very FIRST video I posted on the web as a music video. It was on a whim. Since, by this time, the DDoF had a full 6 members collaborating over the web (via mp3, is how we do it ya'll!), and we also had our own projects, and we were experiencing success both SOLO and COLLECTIVELY (it was a trickle-down thang based on some major cross-promotion), I though VIDEO would be the next step.

Only problem is:

The DDoF is primarily a mp3-based cyber-band. How. To. Do. This.

That's where exchanging still shots came in. And Photoshopping. And adding SPX. And (ohhhh, you're gonna love this!!!) just only using the basic WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER---
and a few long night hours on RED BULL!! (heh heh).

The music is the instrumental to "FUNKY-ASS BEAT" by The FUNKASAURUS. And, it clicked! So here, you "meet" all 6 of us:

OSMOSIS (myself)
The FUNKASAURUS (Maurice Richman)
GothaDelic (Jeff Lilland)
The BEATMASTER 1 (Eddie Robinson)
DragonFish KillSwitch (J. Brewer)
& the then-new member
The MoFo ERECTUS (Matt Mak).

And, we're STILL dropping new jams.

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Comment by D. O. on November 6, 2010 at 3:21pm
Impressive offering to the funk!!!

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