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It came out kinda dark (and the sound was muddied because I was right up at the stage), but Clarence "BLOWFLY" Reid and crew tore The Black Cat up!!

Now, about that drunkass Pirate Queen....
Tom Bowker, Blowfly's drummer and producer was still trying to find out WHO she was (probably to have her take a picture with Clarence after the show). Bitch disappeared like a myst.

It was baddass, and the SECOND DC BLOWFLY STOP within 8 months (and 4 blocks---I'll explain later).

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Comment by OSMOSIS on December 10, 2008 at 12:39pm
NOW, about that "explaination":

Blowfly hit DC Twice within 8 months. First, he stopped at this Fucked-Up Hole-In-The-Sidewalk called "THE VELVET LOUNGE" (a converted Rowhouse on U St. NW, between 9th St/Florida Ave. NW and Vermont Ave. NW in Washington, DC). The 'stage' (or lack thereof) is located on the second floor. Man, that place was no bigger than MY house (which is only 9 1/2 blocks up the street!! LOL!!!). The acoustics were nice, and well----
place was so small, your ass was literally "on the stage". Hell, Clarence even got on my case, saying I was "Shitting On The Dock Of The Bay"!! LOL!! I do have some (very dark) video from that stop, but the audio from that video is amazing. (especially a live version of "Sesame Street"/"Blowfly's Alphabet"---where Clarence FORGOT a few letters. I chimed in at the end with "ZOMBIE"---and the placed rolled!!)

Now, The BLACK CAT was stop no. 2 (like I said, 8 months later), and that (bigger) club is located on 14th Street NW (between T St. NW and S St. NW.). The sound was muddied because I was right up on the apron of the stage, but the video is slightly better (bigger place, better lighting).

Still never found out WHO that Drunkass "Pirate Queen" was, though!! LOL!!

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