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  • P-TV Grammy Day 2017

    P-TV Grammy Day 2017

    P-TV with the Clinton's P-TV intro vocals by Muriel (January 24 2017 Tallahassee FL) Grammy day Feb… P Feb 14 1 view

  • P TV Grammy week 2017

    P TV Grammy week 2017

    Grammy Week Los Angeles CA Sly Stone will receive a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday Feb… P Feb 10 3 views

  • Lige Curry

    Lige Curry

    Video posted on January 8 Happy Birth Day big Brother Lige Curry. Thanks for years of friendship &a… P Feb 8 1 view

  • Paul Shaffer P-Funk Keyboards

    Paul Shaffer P-Funk Keyboards

    For 33 years Paul Shaffer served as David Letterman's musical director and sidekick. Paul began his… P Feb 8 2 views

  • Amp Fiddler

    Amp Fiddler

    P-Funk Keyboard solo-delic Detroit based Amp Fiddler is a celebrated soul/funk musician who has sha… P Feb 8

  • Gary Hudgins - P-Funk Keyboards

    Gary Hudgins - P-Funk Keyboards

    Gary Hudgins Baltimore born and bred, Gary Hudgins has played keyboards professionally for over 30… P Feb 8

  • Tony Thomas P-Funk drums

    Tony Thomas P-Funk drums

    More info on Sir Tony Thomas would be welcome ! On ROYBOY'S message:.....PEACE, I… Tags: Thomas, Tony P Jan 31 3 views

  • Billy Bass Nelson

    Billy Bass Nelson

    Funkadelic Groupie by OG Funkadelic Billy Bass & 420 Funk Mob Billy was born in Plainfield, New… P Jan 30 9 views

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