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Young Performer Tyler Colt is Receiving Deserved Recognition for his Single and Video "Come Home"


   Tyler Colt is an up and coming musician that almost seems destined for greatness. From his dream boyish look to his well written music and exciting videos, he is quickly establishing himself in the music industry. And with the material we have heard, it won't be long til he is the next musician selling out shows around the world.

    In one of his latest singles, "Coming Home", he mixes that feeling of those teen age years into a montage of film that is extremely entertaining. The song itself has a feel good pop tune, but the video really brings the song out. Professionally filmed it includes flashes of color and explosions behind Tyler as he jams out on his guitar. Quick editing adds on to the excitement as you watch a story line of a young superhero trying his best to be who he really wants to be. All while helping others. What he is really saying, is he can be a hero in a special young ladies life. One of the most eye catching moments to this writer was the battle between the hero and villain. They almost paid homage to the start of hero's on the big screen and imitated a fight scene straight out of the original Batman series. ( No not Bale,....not Keaton...but Adam West Batman). To me it showed this kid and his team have alot more in store for us as I can only imagine what their creative juices will come up with next.

With out further ado, check out the video for "Come Home", and connect with Tyler Colt on Facebook.  

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