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George Clinton’s Blog
by Gina Hall

December 07, 2010

Welcome to the Launch of George Clinton’s Blog. It is our purpose to educate as well as entertain and enlighten our readers through a series of conversations regarding the Legal Battles and Victories of George Clinton, in his own words.

You will also hear from members of Parliament Funkadelic and other members of the P Funk Family that have knowledge and memories to share with you.

It is our hope that this combination of information will provide you with an intimate and honest look at the life and times of Dr. Funkenstein.

This is Lige Curry with George Clinton

GC: It was Billy Sparks that took me over to your house, he said you have to listen to these two little kids playing Maggot Brain and it was Lige Curry and Michael Hampton.

LC: We were 15 and 16.

GC: We took Michael about a week later

LC: It was about a month, Michael’s first show was the Capitol Center in DC

GC: How long was it till you came out

LC: I came out in 1979, I played on Electric Spankings of War Babies, before that I was singing on the sessions with the BRIDES

GC: Yeah you and Clip, but you were part of management for a long time

LC: Yep, I was working in management with Archie Ivy, Ron and Ramone, I was an assistant to them. I learned a lot about the management from them

GC: And then all of a sudden he was playing, it the way you get in the group, no body knows how you showed up, you just got there

LC: Carol and Darryl (Tiger Flower promoters)used to say that “look at him, he’s a perfect example, he used to be in the crew, he’s in the band now”

GC: Now ON THE RECORD, all the stuff that you’ve written we are putting it ON RECORD now and getting all those suckers that have not been paying

LC: Ahhhh the big nose suckers got it coming

GC: We’re cleaning up my publishing, and this is a blog, we gonna be doing this all over, we gonna be doing it on the bus, (Gina Hall is doing it) The story is going to be on going and we gonna blog everything. Ain’t No body got paid and Everybody need to say that. I’ll say it first

LC: That’s what we wanted for you to say it first, then we can say it, then it’s legal for us to say it

GC: Say that shit as loud as you can say it

LC: Tell, it ain’t illegal yet, For many years we didn’t tell, we didn’t say anything, we didn’t talk about it

GC: He (Armen Boladian) said ‘I paid George”

LC: So you were suppose to pay us

GC: Right, but I paid him to administrate, and if administrated it right, he can’t give me your money, and I paid him to do it right and if he gave your money to me he didn’t do it right

LC: Actually, he breached the contract

GC: OK, that’s what we trying to say, He actually put it in HIS name, when he said he was cleaning it up he changed it from Malbiz to Bridgeport

LC: He literally stole all of Malbiz

GC: Yes he put you all down as Bridgeport writers and when artists like Tupac and Snoop Dogg sampled your songs he put you all down as Bridgeport writers and didn’t say anything, he didn’t say your names he put you down as Bridgeport writers.

LC: I knew it was against the law what Armen Boladian was doing

GC: It just costs a lot of money to fight this

LC: I know, I Know, its been over twenty years. But we was working, George has had us working all this time but now it’s time for all of us to speak out

GC: And we have to speak out as ONE, because seven or eight of us that did this is now dead and that’s a shame. We have to do this in the name of the music and in the name of the artists.

Our next blog will be released on Dec. 21st and then routinely posted on the 7th and 21st of each month unless there is some breaking news.

Please join George Clinton often and spread the words on your social networks. As George says “We have to speak out as ONE”. As loyal Funkateers and Fans this is your music too.

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Comment by Jimi Sly on December 15, 2010 at 6:57pm

Man this was a good article.  This is why the music "business" side has to change.  How many years, how many artist that got ripped off and can't afford to get a lawyer and state their case.  This makes me pissed and relieved at the same time (no pun intended).  We got CDs and yet most artist from back in the day signed contracts for the mechanical royalties of that day.  Rates have steadily increased but the pay hasn't.  That's if they are getting any of that anyway.  So many that is not getting what's due to them.  This is one victory I am glad to hear about.  I feel for so many artist I've enjoyed over my life.  They gave some joy to us but the record companies took from them.  But the good book says "Give and it shall be given unto you pressed down and shaking over shall men put into your bosom".  That's why their titty bank is drying up fast.  They are getting what they have given.  It works both ways in good and evil. They have been getting away with it too long.  Or I should say we have been having a middle man for too long.  When you want your buds do you ask someone else to go get them for you?  If so you probably come up short every time. As a matter of fact, they cheesin' and munchin' when you see them thanks to you.  Red eyed like they've been crying but a smile is on their face.  As George Benson sang "Everything must Change".  Again,  thanks for this one and keep us posted

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