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We Very Well Could Be Witnessing The Rise Of Musics Next Icon. And Kaisha Lee Doesn't Want To Do That "Without You"

With a vibe all her own, Kaisha Lee is creating something that avid lovers of music could only describe as "special." She brings so much soul and passion that while discussing her music it was compared to the likes of Jill Scott, Selena and even Madonna, all icons in their own right. Now it isn't that Kaisha Lee sounds like these artists, its more the sense of pride, strength and over all creative originality that she could only be compared to greats. Her latest single release "With Out You" came in the form of an amazing music video and cinematic presentation. PavFilms did an outstandingly entertaining job with the filming and editing of this video. This is a masterpiece in itself, and if this is your introduction to Kaisha Lee's music, we know you will be back. Check it out today.

Purchase here -
Available on all digital outlets October 7th 2017

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