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Here's something I just come up with. Wanna share it with my peeps here at MyFunk:

Top Ten New Religions of 2009

Zoodist = people that believe we evolved from apes. AKA Our kinfolk lives at the Zoo

Ain't Thee ist = People that believe there is no God yet think they are, uh, God

Puzzlems =People that believe in hating they're brother. AKA the big bangist. Will blow up at anytime and puzzle people.

Confusionist = People that just don't wanna say they really are confused about what they believe.

More-mon = Poeple that believe they should have more, Mon

Cat-Licks = People who slogan is "dont lick cat" period. Forbidden.

Hen-Dooist = People that dont care whose shit it is, just dont touch it. It's Sacred.

Sighin' Tall Oh Gee = People that believe short people do have a reason to live. Started because they were very offended by the 1979 song by Randy Newman.

New and Improved Agers = People who believe as they get older they need to try and stay healthy because they aint God and they will just like everybody else, die.

Pasta Foreign = People who are far from having pasta as a meal but does have the best smokable italian seasoning on the planet.

So there you have it. Vote which one you would go for or if none of the above fits the category you want to be in, who cares. God is still Mr Holy All Day and has much love for you baba.............................written by JimiSly, son of the Most High

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