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The WEFUNK Funk for A Friend Project...
Here at WEFUNK we are dedicated to the preservation and motiviation of hips. Our goal is to help you dance your way out of your constrictions. When you leave a WEFUNK (420FM, DRUGS, Cacophonic FM, Cadillac Heights) show, it's with a new glide in your stride or a new angle to your dangle. The Funk can Move or Re-Move, you just have to come through that door...
The Funk for a Friend Project is designed to give that opportunity to those less fortunate. The FFF Project is a simple concept. By a ticket to our show and leave it at will call. All unclaimed tickets will be given out to people who where shut out the show.
This is in honor of the late great Jade West. Jade was a hardcore Funk Fan who came down with a terminal illness, that over time would rob her of the ability to move, let a lone dance. She knew she didn't have much time left so she decided she was gonna see the world before she passed, but she would try to catch the band in as many places as she could. Clip promised her that where ever he played he would leave a couple of tickets at Will Call under the name of Jade West. Over the years we saw her in the weirdest of places, but it has been so long now that we are pretty sure she has moved on.
In honor of Jade, whose love for the funk was legendary. We have started the Funk for a Friend project.....
Here is your chance to pay it forward, Do a good deed so the next time you F-up there's a little something in the Karma bank. Here is your chance to be your very own Bop-Gun and give the Gift of Groove to the UnFunky!

420 Funk Mob at Bearsville Theater Woodstock, NY 2/22/15 Show link


The Wefunk Live Archives......including the show with Eric McFadden and Leo Nocentelli, also George Clinton, Fred Wesley, and others

The 420FM take on a DEAD classic...Bob Weir approved

the 420 Funk Mob video Jukebox starting with.....420 Funk Mob Chillen Drone Festival with special guests George Clinton, Garry Starchild Shider, Lili Haydn, Zach Alford (Bowie), Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

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