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The Hash Releases New Video "Conflicted" And There is No Conflict of Interest That They Are Independently On Their Way To Success


  With A Different Twist to The Sound, Style of Work and the Interaction With Fans, The Hash Is Quickly Becoming  Topic of Conversation for Listeners. And Their Latest Video "Conflicted" only adds on to the reasons why. Being very original in the approach used to create music, release music and even to get closer to fans and music lovers are just a few of the things setting them apart. Having reached international music charts completely independent (no label backing) is an amazing accomplishment. But it came through a very intricate work process.

     Headed by Greek born frontman, Hash, the band has always added the sound of Eastern music, Pakastani and Indian sitars, Turkish Saz, and nostalgia with Western Rock music. Which creates a a vibe of music almost all its own.  It's hard to really place them in any one category of music,...but honestly, I believe that is the goal of any real musician. To create sound all their own. Set them self apart from the rest. And The Hash does exactly that. But it often comes at a very dedicated cost. Hey...the life of any musician though.

     Over their career, The Hash has chosen to not fouc on Album releases, but more on EP's compiled of single releases. The Hash will not even release a single until they feel the song in itself has taken a life of it's own. They work in a very detailed manor from the sounds, to the sound placement.  The emotion and subject of the the words, at last, but almost most importantly, the mix and master of the single. The song has to hold an essence all its own in the eyes and ears of The Hash. Once felt it has happened. They release it. So although The hash doesn't focus on Album releases, they have enough material already to created to release a few.

      Their music and dedication has helped them reach mass audiences in the Middle East, South East Asia and South America. Thes loyal fans and listeners have helped The Hash fanbase to grow as well as the band to reach Music Charts over seas. And with them being based in California, getting the music and thank you's ut aren't always so easy.

      But frontman Hash has taken his love and appreciation for creating music and used it to not only reach out to his fans but help other musicians around the world. It shows an outstanding piece of his character.  Hash has set up online tutorials playing the guitar through his Youtube page.  That's right, when he is not creating music, he is helping others along the way to creating their own. And still staying closely involved with his own original passion...musical art.  To date Hash has over 100,000 followers of his teachings and methods. And this is all something he does for free on his own time.

       Which brings us to The Hash's latest musical and visual presentation, "Conflicted." The song and video are beautiful up close and personal associations with The Hash. The song itself is sung with emotion that only one who has faced the confusion of conflict with in love could really understand.  The sounds behind the powerful words were marvelously put together....which brings me to the video.  Shot in a simple yet stunning professional cinematography, The video brings so much more life to the buzz about The hash. In my opinion of course. But I don't know if it was the tricky color grading the editors used amongst the light show of the video, or the way The hash incorporated their instruments of choice. Giving the viewer a first hand experience of how The Hash creates their sound.  All in all...An awesome visual presentation.

Check Out The Hash's video for "Conflicted" Today


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