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Stealing Sanity is Stealing the Spotlight on the Indie Scene. From Shots to House Fires They are Showing They are as Professional and Talented as They Come


  Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, Stealing Sanity was formed a a little over a year ago by friends   Ian Tharp and Chad Rubin.  Quickly showcasing their talent and work ethic, they just released their sophomore music video "Burn Down This House," and it is getting a healthy reception. As a band who fuses rock, punk, pop, reggae and alternative music, you can expect to find originality in everything from their performance to the sound. 

    Stealing Sanity brought an extremely energetic and entertaining performance to the visual presentation of the single "Burn Down This House." It is a hilarious cinematic performance paying homage to the movie "Office Space," and filmed in Hollywood quality only adds to a perfect rendition of a classic movie. The single for "Burn Down This House" is currently available where most digital music is streamed and sold.

Take A Look At "Burn Down This House" The Music Video

    Stealing Sanity's debut visual release "Shots" is an awesome party anthem starring model and actress Caitlin Arnett.  Presented in the same top of the line cinematic quality as Burn Down This House, Shots just recently passed 60,000 views on youtube and counting. Gaining views, feedback, subscribers and fans every day Stealing Sanity is not to be taken light in their dedication and drive.

Take A Look At "Shots" The Music Video

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