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Songstress Amilia K Spicer Releases Her New Music Video "Fill Me Up"

   Amilia k Spicer is having a busy year already. And releasing beautiful music in the process. This rural Pennsylvania raised singer is setting herself about from others quickly with her perfectly tuned vocals and professional quality sound and looks.

   Amilia recently performed at the Folk Alliance Festival in Kansa City,Mo. Where on top of giving an amazing performance she publicly released her latest music video titled "Fill Me Up", from her upcoming 3rd studio release album, "Wow and Flutter." Which has a scheduled release date for 4/28/17.

   The video for Fill me Up was filmed and edited at very high professional quality. You can almost hear her pleaing with the universe to fullfil her broken soul as she takes us as the viewers through the woods she used to play in as a child. It's very obvious she is actually rediscovering the meaning to her own lyrics as she filmed. View it for yourself, get to know this singer and keep up with her career. As she shows signs she will be releasing great music for quite some time.

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