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Some 'Brand New' (To Ya'll, Anyways!!) Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra tracks

Actually, these two new uploads, "SHAKE WHAT YOU GOT, 'CAUSE SOME OTHERS GOT LESS!!" (yup, that's the title!!), and "NOW, FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT", are tracks from a 1989 cassette-album I done called "INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH". Over the weekend (since the album turns 20-years-old in September), I've found the 2002 CD-remaster I made of the cassette, and Re-Remastered it. Sounds damn good after all this time. And yes, "Shake What You Got..." is the FIRST OSMOSIS-named cassette single from 1990 (I have that cassette-single posted on my Soundclick page). Anyways, here's both of those jams from '89. I love hangin' on to my 'history', because it's fun to dig 'em up again after a generation. N-Joy the Funk!

UPDATE (only 20 minutes later):
Just added the FULL, Complete Version of a truly NEW Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra track (Literally new: 6 hours PRIOR to this upload/blog!!): "STELLAAR'S SECRET RENDEVOUS". This is a story song--about Chapter 5--of a sci-fi concept-album I'm doing and uploading, in serial form. I'm putting it here, because the backing groove SMELLS FUN-KAY!!!! Turn it up, and place the speakers on the floor--it'll shake the place. As for the 'story', pure sci-fi (for the GEEKS in the crowd.). Now, N-Joy the FUNK!!

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