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Singer/Songwriter Ezla Releases A Hot New Song Setting Her Apart From The Rest With The "Outcasts"

   Based out of Nashville, TN, singer/songwriter Ezla brings a dark yet exciting pop feel to her musical creations. Her latest single "Outcasts" holds true to this in every way. A deep song of fighting inner demons all while finding yourself in a world of faceless bodies that just seem to be set against you.  Ezla says embrace that and use it as motivation. Run with the rest of the outcasts who don't conform to society's popular ways. 

    And she tells you to be yourself to an awesome track. The beat holds a dark yet motivational feel. And it all just seems to add on to Ezla original sound and style. Amazing produced and put together, Ezla is quickly showing she is the next level of music. So get some good vibes and substance in your life and check out Ezla's new single "Outcasts" today.

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