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Singer Ashley J Traps You in Her Aura With her new Single "Trapped"


 Orlando, Florida is known for a few things. Of nights and great music are in the top 5.  Pop/Dance artist, "Ashley J," is quickly rising in the Indie scene and her recognition is well deserved. Her latest release "trapped"shows just that. And after one will be trapped in her music as well. 

   Ashley J brings a strong energy of good times in her sound. Her style, sound and over all character are very reminiscent of an early Madonna or young Paula Abdul. And music today misses that raw talent and sound as it has been watered down with digital sound and nifty camera angles. But none of this is needed for the talented Ashley J. Her character shines through and voice delivers a beautiful ambience behind it all. Get to know this talented young lady and check out her latest single "Trapped" today.

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