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Orlando Stricklen Releases His Lead Single "Cold Dead Hands" From His "Workin Man Workin On A Livin" Project

   Singer/Songwriter Orlando Stricklen was born in Georgia, but spent most his childhood living in Arkansas. He always had a love for music and the creation there of, but at 17, when Orlando lost his Mother, he found he express his emotion clearly through the art of creating music. He has since continued to create and release music. Good down to Earth sound based on real emotion. Orlando makes music the average Joe can relate to. And thats how you build a fan base. make music people can understand. And when you music is based on emotion, relating is the only thing people can do.  'Cold Dead hands" was recently released as a single via the popular Soundcloud app/website. Check it out today.

Stream the new Album "Workin Man Workin On A Livin" on Spotify, Just CLICK HERE

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