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Hows everybody doing ! Thought i'd take a week out to recharge my batteries and get my head together.So i'm back with another podcast episode of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions.Feel free to tune in.Also on the home front is that i will be in talks with video producers next week to discuss doing a live video broadcast of the show.So if everything goes accordingly there will be Two versions of the show.The podcast version and the live video version.The video version will feature live bands performing their music in the studio and to answer questions later about their music what gigs they have coming up etc.So if they're any bands out there that play instruments and want to feature on the live video broadcast of Ultimate Vibe, then drop us a line.Its totally free you can notifiy me at or at The website will be updated to accomodate this during the week.There will be an ad going up on starnow website as well during the week.So stay tuned.In the meantime check out the latest podcast at also at and at

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