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Well here we are again and its a brand new year 2017.I’m not going to say have a happy or prosperous new year because everybody else says that and i’m not one for following the rest of the herd .A new year to me just means everyone gets older and time goes fast enough as it is already.If this keeps up, i’ll be looking at taking retirement goddamit. Getting older really sucks ,hate it detest it,don’t want nothing to do with it.So i’ll just go along in my own mind that i’m still Twenty Six and leave it at that.So to change the subject i just finished producing another podcast ,i’m on my twenty third episode now.My podcast is still evolving so there will be more changes coming  in the future .In the meantime   you can check out the latest episode at

I’m also working on a brand new yet to be titled album which will be out in a few months .It will feature brand new tracks some that have already been featured on the podcast ,but it will also feature older tracks that had been released some years back but i was'nt satisfied with how i mixed them ,so i reworked and remixed the older tracks and they will be on the new album also.The current one i have titled Just A Feeling is also available ,you can download this at    and also at

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