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New Mexico Indie Band Treehouse Basement Is Out To Give Listeners Something New And Fresh

   Treehouse Basement is a band from Albuquerque, NM. Their unique sound has been self described as an Indie Rock, Post-punk style music. How ever you may describe it, excellence and dedication should be included.  Consisting of members  Tyler De La O (lead guitarist), Casey Frew (percussionist), and Andres Ortiz.  They all bring a different sound to the table and their overall love for music always has them trying blends of other styles including jazz,  Latin, reggae, and R&B. The outcome is a sound somewhere between good basement grunge and motivational, sky is the limit rock. Leading the name Treehouse Basement, to be a perfect description for them as well as an introductory name.

     And they are working hard to lay the foundation for which to build Treehouse Basement's future. To date, the band has released 2 projects. An EP titled "Nowhere Land" and the self-titled full length 11 track Album "Treehouse Basement."  And both were amazing examples of what these young and talented musicians could create.  The EP "Nowhere land" fully embraces this bands origins of indie rock. it was the goal the set out for. But as they grew both with each other and musically, Treehouse Basement found them selves reaching into other genres...which any true musician knows, once you feel you found "your" often begin to do.

     With the self titled album, Treehouse basement strove to reach sounds outside of the box for them. They went into the creative process with the mind set that every song should differ in sound from the last, but still hold true to the sound they created themselves. Although an uneasy task, they flourished in their creative process and created a project unlike others. A sound and style all their own. And for a musician, that is an accomplished feat in itself.

     Treehouse basement continues to work on new music while promoting the first two projects they have released. They regularly perform for large crowds and continue to work day and night to make sure each project they put together, is different, more thought out and better than their last. We personally think it is hard to out do perfection, but Treehouse Basement lives in a world of beautiful music where the sky is the limit. We look forward to hear more from these gentlemen...and after one listen, we are sure you will too.

Check Out Treehouse Basements Full length Debut Album

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