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My Conversation with the yZa

This is an excerpt form an interview with JimySly conducted by me the yZa (pronounced wise-ahh), twin of JimiSly, in November 2009.

yZa: What up my brother ? I must say I was suprised that for this to be acoustic guitar and one track it is so very well done.

JS: Like ribs coming off the grill on the fourth of July. Thanks for the compliment. It is much appreciated.

yZa:You're welcome, Jimi. How did "just the Idea of that" come about as a musical project?

JS:Well, my practice sessions were getting good to my earhole and I come up with good material in them. The next day I forget them so I said "record the practice sessions completely so tomorrow when the high is gone you'll have the idea down". That was the beginning of it and this is just a taste of what they give to me. They love to share and I'm into that one myself.

yZa: they. Who's they?

JS:The Most High and His givers. They are the ones that really give up the funk. They love it when we feel good so I wanna puff puff and pass it on from me to you with a friendly boo. That's all baby. Just a friendly boo.

yZa: so you were just practicing and come up with this music?

JS:Some songs but not all. Mainly set 2 is all new material except for the 4th song. It's over 10 years old. I also redid "At Ease" reggae style. I was going for different styles on this also. Some past styles, some present happenings and the future for sure. There's enough for everyone to enjoy.

yZa: The same way Earth overproduces in abundant supply. Giving you more of what you're funkin for, huh?

JS:Yeah and man overcharges for something he can't make. His own food for starters. That's why I wanted to sell this CD as cheap as I could. I got it for free and would give it away but the system is based of capitalizing and man loves being a consumer just to say "I paid for this that much". We would even pimp love or try to but love still stands as a non-pimpable commodity. Yet this might not ever go on sale.

yZa:Why? I thought that was the plan.

JS:Well, it's hard to find an established internet company willing to sell just downloads. I guess space to host peoples music is limited. space limited? Can you fire that up in your mind. Keywords "no and 'Can't" pulls up in the computer of all minds. Just may need to deprogram and reprogram. I actually have been thinking about starting one myself. That's a non failure resolvment for musicians and songwriters. Record companies and artist wants to sell CDs but the people want to pick and chose what they like. End result in 20 years is goodbye CDs anyway.

yZa:Yeah you may be on to something.

JS:Payola is keeping it from happening now. Record companies paying cash to say "stop that". Yeah and trees grow daily but we don't even notice the change untill the shade it produces has expanded. Just like most don't notice that record companies still looking at pictures of yesteryear. The scenes got bigger and they're in the middle of it working their way ot the background. Too many to control. You may kill one cockroach when you turn on the light but your house is still infested. That's what they're up against. I have heard some great gifted artist on the internet and so I know time has opened the door for all of them. For all artist like me. Musically we are going back to where we started. Back to the artist and his discretion.

yZa:You said the key word right there, Artist

JS:Yeah, man. art is a form of love. I know music is. That's why you can't pimp it. On level deep, the beat is the 1rst thing you wanna hear high, drunk or otherwise. It goes back several thousand years at spiritual gatherings. Ask the Indians in america, the tribes in Africa. Number 2 program in every man next to be fruitful and multiply is the enjoyment of some type of music by all. Sex is the #1 program in everyones's mental computer and coming in at #2 is music. It has always been that way in everybody past present and future. Music sets a tone for any setting. Music states who you are. The sounds you hear is you. Easy listening says you're easy same as gangster says you're gangster and love music says you're in love. It is all you by the way of the ear. It is the mood of you. The lyrics set the condition. Even no lyrics same thing. We act like record companies been around more than 100 years. Well compared to the thousands we've been doing music in some form there is really no comparison for them. What was going on before they became along? The thing the music business is gonna go thru will take the business out the music again. The attempt to pimp music is as a grain of salt comparatively to music's existence. Beauty is in the ear of the hearer on that note.

yZa;What's next on the horizon?

JS:Me and your record my brother. Have I got some material for you. I can't wait to do it

yZA: Me either my twin. It's been enlightening talking with you.

JS: Thank you for your time. It was beautiful.

This has been an excerpt from my personal interview with Jimisly. Hope you enjoyed it and got something from it all. We love you yeah yeah yeah..............................the yZa

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Comment by Funken on November 2, 2010 at 3:59am
....Okay HI!!.......WISE-AHH.EYE think yet anutha alter ego's EGO has been BIRTHED from reading YO!!NterVIEW.Na..JIMI that's DEEP N A slyWAY.Keepin Ntouch FunkeN.
Comment by Funken on November 2, 2010 at 3:47am
Comment by Funken on November 2, 2010 at 3:44am
hey Man...I felt the KINNECTION there.Didn't even NO! who was questioning R telling who/WHATT!!??....but EYE HURD DAT!

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