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Musician Umair Nadeem Prepares To Release His New Album "Inner Space"

Musician,Singer,Songwriter Umair Nadeem always felt deep in his soul he was here to create music. Toying with it through out his left led him to working with indie band "Overload." Which led to him being recognized as a talented artist...but also brought complications from his parents. They, like any parent does, wanted Umair to have something more solid to fall back on. Being a man of family value, Umair decided to gracefully bow away from his music career and finish his schooling. Umair remained focused and graduated with a degree in Finance. But he knew it wasn't what he wanted.

And life is short, so why not live to dream and love it. Umair focused back on his music and entered the studio to pursue his original passion. Umair locked himself and came out with creation now titled as his up and coming album "Inner Space." Alrady creating a buzz amongst bloggers and fans alike, Umair Nadeem is making his own way, before even releasing the music. Everyone loves a tale of ambition and success. And Umair's is just that. The project is coming out soon, and Umair is preparing his press release and possible tour. Just by the buzz we have heard, this is an artist worth keeping up with.

You can keep up with Umair Nadeem's music and the release of Inner Space @

Or find him directly @

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