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Mougleta Serenades Magically in Her New Video Release

  Mougleta is an amazing singer/song writer, of Canadian/Lebanese decent. Musically inspired by the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson and more, she brings a sound of "fun" back to music. Being the daughter of a former drummer( Father), and a mother that sang in the church choir devotedly, it's almost safe to say she was born for music. Having been building a following by releasing music through her Soundcloud, she caught a larger audience when her single "Lost My Side" was aired on Virgin Radio Lebanon in 2015.  She is preparing to release her debut EP, "From the Jungle", under artist development label Boom Box Entertainment. And in that preparation she has released her lead single/video entitled "Magic". Her voice can go from soft to stern all while holding an angelic sound. And that added to delivering a beautiful up beat composition with Magic. Take a second out of your day and enjoy some good music with vibrant soul and energy. Take a look at "Magic" and get a taste of "From the Jungle", Coming Soon.

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