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Melvin Fromm Jr Continues To Build His Track Listing With His New Single "Snow Flurries Bright Love"

   A lifetime of dedicated faith, boundless enthusiasm and true passion for the art of music, have led Melvin Fromm Jr. into a sonic whirlwind of creativity, imagination and inspiration. From his hometown in Lancaster County, PA, he began to write, produce & record his own stunning & stylistic instrumental songs in mid 2015 and soon found his highly-adaptable talents were suited to many facets of music found all the way around the globe.

   With his latest addition to his catalog "Snow Flurries bright Love," Melvin delivers a compelling and jazz filled performance A strong piece of sound in the form of expression, it is many many formats of cinema this song could fit. Melvin continues to mash different genres of sound together creating master pieces of originality. We have an exclusive listen to "Snow Flurries Bright Love" here today.

CLICK HERE to Listen to Snow Flurries Bright Love"

   Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. has 201 songs added so far to the number #1 background environmental music company in Asia with daily plays in the hundreds and growing stronger each passing day as Melvin's music has the potential to be heard in thousands of restaurants, retail outlets, shopping malls, hotels across south east Asia in countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand,and Indonesia. Melvin's music is also starting to get play at Dairy Queen, Domino Pizza, and Dunkin Donuts worldwide. 

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