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Melvin Fromm Jr Brings One More Fun Filled Composition for Summer with Beach Ball Filled Dreams

    Melvin Fromm Jr. began to write, produce & record his own stunning & stylistic instrumental songs in mid 2015 and soon found his highly-adaptable talents were suited to many facets of music found all the way around the globe. With an impressive 200+ countries putting Melvin’s songs on the radio – as fans were connecting to his rhythms & melodies. Blending positive energy with a versatile sound – Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music is as perfect for film, television, video-game soundtracks as it is to listen to on its own…his incredibly accessible ideas & sound make his songs fit beautifully into multiple areas within the industry.

     Before the sunny day summer fun ends, Melvin released a great piece that wonderfully defines the feeling we get as summer comes to end, and we try to squeeze as much fun and memories into the last few weeks. With his new creation "Beach Ball Filled Dreams", we get a strong rock guitar presence over a jazzy drum track. The sound combinations perfectly embrace that feeling of good times and the haste to have as many more as possible before old man winter starts bringing his company into our lives. An awesome symphony of emotion and happiness that subliminally reminds us every now and then to smell a rose or watch a sunset...because thats where the real beauty of summer fun and memory is located.

     We also like to take the time to congratulate to Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. for having 192 new music songs added so far to the number #1 background environmental music company in Asia that has music played in many public places around the world.

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