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Major Moment Drops Some New World based Music With The Single "Before It's Too Late"

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Anyone with a bit of thinking for themselves can clearly see we are living in dangerous times. The unacceptable is accepted. The excuses are given and allowed. No one wants to hold accountability for their own actions...and it is ok as long as there is someone else to point the finger at. It has even become acceptable to have nothing, want nothing and beg for hand outs. Our world has lost compassion and understanding. And that can easily lead to our destruction.

In comes Major Moment with a soul shaking single tackling this exact topic. "Before it's Too Late" is a "where do we go from here" song. It paints a dark picture of the real world we live in today. Written and spoken from those who care, those who want to see difference, the song touches on many topics in a short time that need to be spoken on. Amazing music with an outstanding message. And still holding the beauty of timeless music. This is a major moment for Major Moment. And definitely a single people need to hear. Check it out today!!!

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