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L.A. Band, Sweet Eve, New project "The Immortal Machine" is now Available for Pre-Order

    Los Angeles,CA band, Sweet Eve is preparing to release their project, "The Immortal Machine" December 9th 2017. Already having a unique and distinct sound, they added to the uniqueness by collaborating with former Megadeth drummer, Nick Menza, for 3 of the tracks before his untimely passing. Tony Francis (vocals), and Ian Shea (bass) then re-united with former Sweet Eve members Jimmy James (lead guitar) and Alex Borquez (drums), to finish this amazing project. Produced by Tom Weir, The Immortal Machine is available now for pre-order. Follow the link to reserve your copy of what will be a classic project from Sweet Eve.

Pre-Order "The Immortal machine" from Sweet Eve Here

                  The Making of The Immortal Machine

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