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Is Everything Sounding the Same? Turn off the Mainstream and Tune into the Underground...VerseBorn just Released a New Sound that Embraces Hip Hop's Essence in "Gold Frame"


  The KonQuestNow family continues to show they are a force to be reckoned with as they continue to bless the underground with music that embraces the essence of true hip hop.

   VerseBorn ignites an esoteric thunderstorm on the new track “Gold Frame”. While rooting himself as a premier figure in the world of underground music, VerseBorn continues to drop cryptic gems that take listeners on an auditory journey to another dimension. “Gold Frame” touches on a myriad of topics that fit collectively within the human experience, divulging the internal struggles between cognitive thinking and abiding by the street code.

  “Gold Frame”, produced by Eneme, is a miraculous marriage between conscious wisdom and street knowledge, officiated by VerseBorn’s adept vocal prowess. The instrumental kicks heavy with a smooth trap/trip-hop feel, adding a soul-crushing blues sample in the breakdown section that will knock your socks off. The slower tempo provides the perfect aura for VerseBorn’s cleverly crafted cadence to consume.

   Listen to “Gold Frame” by VerseBorn and submerge into the intellectual realm where the masses utilize the minds we were given.

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