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I thought about this earlier this year and wrote it out cause if he is considered an african-american then he would have at least a nickname like "pookey", June-june", "Rack", Day-day", "Clip", "my Dog" at least or something. And how come he ain't got no Auntie's named Netta Jo, aunt Ruby, Aunt Wanda, Aunt Sandra Kay, Aunt Lennie Mae, Aunt Sang or sumthin. No Uncle Bo-bo or uncle in jail. No cousin Quesha, Sammy, Joe-Joe, Ray Ray, Jalesa, Makeisha, Lakeisha, JaQuan, TeShawn, none of that. Even his children ain't took up this banner and waived it high. No kinfolk trying to move in the White House with him. This is what I would call an official artifical black man in America that happens to be President. You gotta have at least a nickname that sticks from your chilhood days. This guy ain't said nothing about making weed legal. Strike 2 and 3. Not Black. He just went with the title. Katt Williams called him niggahlite but I say Splendaniggah. Looks like, taste like but MF who you trying to fake. Vote for me in 2012 for your 1st true brother in office cause my black ass qualify.....Your Next Pres

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Comment by Joey Storm on June 3, 2009 at 11:19am
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