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Indie Rock band Cranky George Releases Second Single From "Fat Lot of Good" Album with "Misery Road" Music Video


     Cranky George has just released their new visual for "Misery Road." The second single off the groups debut album, "Fat  Lot of Good."  The song and video feature co-founder and actor Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friends Wedding, current CBS series Pure Genius) on vocals. As well as co-founder of both Cranky George and The Pogues, James Fearnley, on accordion.

    Cranky George describes Misery Road as "a song with a country flair" and says the song wears its emotions on the sleeve. The lyrics, sung by Dermot Mulroney, center around a love affair gone wrong and a man leaving town to find answers. And the music video continues to explore this theme with a narrative following a man struggling with his love life and jumping in his car to escape. All of this action –including the band performing in a junkyard– is set against a toe tapping beat, led by a hooky accordion line.

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