Do not attempt to adjust your computer, for there is nothing wrong....

I can't find it!!! YO--anyone SEEN it?!! Where's it at?!

Yeayeayea, ya'll reading that BLOG TITLE and askin', "What the FUNK is OSMOSIS ramblin' 'bout? Seen WHAT?!"

Well, to paraphrase a co-worker of mine, it's MY ASS!!! See, the gag goes like THIS:

You work so hard, pulling in all hours and giving it your all, that you're so exhausted from all the accomplishments. If feels like your b-hind has fallen off in the process.

Now, when he first told me that phrase and description some 4 years back, I fell out laughing. But in a way, he's right--you work so hard at something that you get numb all over, but the accomplishment speaks for itself.

Case in point: that digital mp3-album of mine, "AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE FUNK (AND IT'S GOOD FOR YA')", being a 'success' on Soundclick. Man, I worked so hard promoting that baby in the past 2 months, that I can't feel my ass anymore!!! (LOL!!!)

So, has anybody seen my ass, 'cuz I can't find it anywheres!!! (LOL!!)

You know what, if I have to promote another big hit for myself like that sometime in the future---
I WILL!!! Hard work pays off. Now, mind you, this ain't big-major-label-backing-you-all-the-way-to-hell sales (you know, the 1,000,000-selling fantasy), but when you can move as much as (to this date) 12 mp3-albums under your own promotion, by your lonesome (real indie!!), then THAT. IS. FUNKY. That is accomplishment.

So, folks thought I was nuts when I priced the whole 8-song thang at $3.99. But hey, I was playing off the TIMES we're currently living in (good choice, too). Yea, It may not have reached #1 on the Soundclick Best Selling MP3-Album Charts--it recently topped out at #3!!!--but it is the biggest selling R-n-B MP3-Album on Soundclick. And that is a good feeling.

Now, to breathe a little bit, and do something about that sillyass (multi-downloaded) instrumental I posted last year, "You're In HELL, Charlie Brown!!". Yea, then maybe I can start looking for my ass once more.

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