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Humphrey-McKeown Deliver An Uplifting Musical Compisition With Their latest Release "Passing Shadows"

    Illinois residents Heather Humphrey and Tom McKeown make up the key pieces to the group Humphrey-McKeown. They have an amazing blend to their vocals that creates a very soothing and flawless sound.  Their latest release "Passing Shadows" is a beautiful configuration of inspiring music. From a great beat that makes you want to nod your hear, to creative song play from Humphrey and McKeown as they go back and forth before combining their potent voices for a powerful chorus. As they sing about light in the darkness and hope in our worse times, you can hear their own inner strengths they have found in their lifetime. In this day and age we can use more positive and uplifting music. And today we have something not available in many other places.  The official song release of Humphrey-McKeowns latest single "Passing Shadows." Take a moment and give a listen to some feel good music and find that good feeling inside your self. For what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...and all rain clouds pass. Enjoy the music and follow Humphey-McKeown for more music updates.

CLICK HERE to Listen to "Passing Shadows"

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