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Dust of Days new Single Heavy is a Ton of Truth in a Small Package

   Indie alt-rock band Dust of Days has just released their new single "Heavy" and there couldn't be a better term to describe the sound and content of this single. Founded in 2009 and consisting of drummer/songwriter Frank Lettieri Jr,  guitarists Jim McGee and Mike Virok, along with bassman Scott Silvester, this New Jersey based band has worked hard from day one and created an original sound accompanied with vocals based on the emotion of life.

   The latest single "Heavy" is off the "Analog Mind Bender" album and definitely holds its weight. As a taste of what is expected to come, it leaves your mouth watering for more.  Short but to the creative point, "Heavy" points a silent hand at the powers that be. The system set up for us to be left with no choice for survival, all while telling us everything is going to be ok, and just ask for help if we need it. "Degrading symphony heard by all/ you tied the noose now wait for the fall"....those simple lyrics hold so much reality and sadness of society today. But thats what musical art takes the struggle of our life...both what we cause and what we cant avoid...and turns it into a beautiful masterpiece of self motivation and faith.

    There is plenty more to come from "Dust of Days." Check out the single for "Heavy" Today

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