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Duo Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Release New Single "Let's Be Friends"


  Folk group and singer/songwriters Thunderbolt and Lightfoot have just released a new single titled "Let's Be Friends," and it is a great piece.  Though it sounds like a "friendly" title, Let's Be Friends isn't about sunshine, rainbows and play dates.  It actually holds a sad tone as TB and LF tackle a topic many men and women alike have experienced.  

    Sometimes through the love and joy of relationships, there is anger and sadness. Even an inner depression.  Sometimes these feelings lead to arguments. And often as the problem grows, the fight to make it work becomes nothing much more than a fight.

    Through this growth experience, often one chooses it's better to break off all ties and move on.....enter Thubderbolt and Lightfoot's single to the soundtrack of the situation. We hear them cover the depressing and soul crushing emotion of a side of the relationship that doesn;t want it to end, but love the other so will let them go.....but they still say..."Let's Be Friends."

    The pain and emotion captured in every part of this song from the musical composition to the words make this a beautiful classic for folk listeners and more.. Check out the single today available for free streaming on Soundcloud, and follow Thunderbolt and Lightfoot for more music releases and updates.

CLICK HERE to listen to Thunderbolt and Lightfoots single ""Let's B...

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