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Creativity And Hard Work Is The Key To Progress For "Across The Board" As They Deliver A Sonic Boom Of Indie Motivation With Their Latest Project

Across The Board has a fitting name as they are progressing all across the board with their music. From tours to consistency in releases, Across The Board stays inventive in their creative concepts.  Hailing from Canada, ATB is led by Jacqueline Auguste. She brings an amazing presence to the bands whole vibe in both her performance and vocal presence. And this professional physician remains busy traveling to perform, managing an extremely active Youtube Channel, while still writing and releasing music.

The 4 time international award winning group recently wrapped up an across country railway tour from Toronto to Vancouver, Canada. In the mix of endless rehearsals and performances, Co-founder, bass player and life partner to Auguste, Andy Ramjattan, came up with an out of the box present an album almost in an opera like fashion with a heroine, an anticlimax and a revelation. Jacqueline loved the idea and immediately began writing every chance she had. The outcome is "Sonic Boom, the 3rd project release since ATB's beginnings just a little under 3 years ago. The 8 song, rock influenced album shows the ingenious and dedication of Across The Board as a whole. With strong positive feedback, writing to get back in the studio, and booking for the next tour, "Sonic Boom" is giving ATB's fan base a catalog of entertainment that remains on repeat.

Still, through all of this Across The Board remains true to it's continuing growth of a loyal following, and keeps a steady flow of release to it's popular cover show "Pick Up & Play" which is currently in its 5th season.  With over 300 videos on their popular Youtube page, they like to let their listeners get up close and personal in ATB's work ethic. Preparing their next project "Howl At The Moon," Across The Board remains progressive all across the board and we can expect great music for years to come.

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