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Composer Melvin Fromm Jr Shows His Talents are All Booked Up in His Latest Composition

  Melvin Fromm Jr. began to write, produce & record his own stunning & stylistic instrumental songs in mid 2015 and soon found his highly-adaptable talents were suited to many facets of music found all the way around the globe. With an impressive 200+ countries putting Melvin’s songs on the radio – as fans were connecting to his rhythms & melodies. Blending positive energy with a versatile sound – Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music is as perfect for film, television, video-game soundtracks as it is to listen to on its own…his incredibly accessible ideas & sound make his songs fit beautifully into multiple areas within the industry.

    With his latest release "All Booked Up Life" he once again delivers an amazing piece of entertainment. What I have come to enjoy from Melvin Fromm Jr is his ability to use his sounds to paint a vivid picture of emotion. To me, when listening to "All Booked Up Life," I get memories of lovely summer nights. The noise of enjoyment of the annual carnival. A strong smell of elephant ears and cotton candy in the air as buzzers sound off to game winners and children laugh gleefully. I don't know if this is what Melvin was after...but to me it seems when your life is booked up with responsibility, this is the perfect song to play and escape to a feeling of fun and being free.  Check out the new musical composition from Melvin Fromm Jr Today!!

CLICK HERE to listen to All Booked Up Life

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