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Circle of the West Releases New Single 'Boxes"...Take a Step Inside


  Circus of the West infuses pop melodies and rock energy with lyrics about loss, hope, identity and connection. Their debut full-length, We’ll See Ourselves Out, was produced by Adam Levy of The Honeydogs. The 11-song collection is a meditation on the journey toward truth and authenticity. “This project is about shedding false skin, regardless of social expectations or internal resistance,” says Edwin Caldie, who shares songwriting credits with Joel Leviton on the album. “We’re seeing ourselves out and inviting others to do the same.”


     Their new single 'Boxes" is an entertaining piece laced with live guitar riffs over an up tempo drum track. Edwin Caldie recorded an amazing ballad about the 'Boxes" we tend to put ourselves in in life. How we block ourselves off from others all while believing in "our" box...nothing can be wrong. Circus of West encourages us to step out of the box and socialize in society again. be who you truly are and let them love you or rise with out them. But more than anything...we as a whole...have to leave our "Boxes"

Check Out the Single "Boxes" by Circus of the West Today

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