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Christoper Hawley is a Minor who is Working Like the Majors and Accomplishing Major Moves in Music

    Singer, Songwriter, guitarist  and devote surfer are just a few titles you can give to Chris Hawley.  Almost as if he always seen his future and a young age Chris studied classical guitar as a child and playing in the jazz band in high school. Once part of the Colorado based group "Mucis", Chris fell in love with the road traveling performances, and when the group broke up, Hawley pushed on as a solo musician. 

     As a solo artist and with an expansive collective known as The Christopher Hawley Rollers, he has had music licensed for Fox’s “The Good Guys,” NFL’s “NFL A.M.,” and several independent films. The band was featured in an H&R Block commercial playing two of Hawley's songs. Over the years, he has played everywhere from LA’s Greek Theatre to yoga retreats in Bali and dive bars in ski and surf towns.

    Chris Hawley recently released his latest full length project "Stories", and it has been quickly gaining notoriety.. The album is beautifully produced: Wooten did his job well, taking a roots rock palate and adding memorable touches like barrelhouse piano, reverb-soaked guitar, and even modern synth sounds. Hawley’s up-front vocals lend the songs a remarkable sense of intimacy. However, it’s the collaboration between the two songwriters that makes Stories shine. The songs are smart and compelling, and there’s a depth to the tales they tell that makes you want to listen more closely.

Check out some music today from Chris Hawley

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