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Caught On Cline Is Caught Up In Progress With The Release Of A New Project And Trending Single

The indie group known as "Caught On Cline" is focused on a prize and goal. And their music reflects it. Staying extremely busy touring and always building the ability to deliver high energy and unforgettable performances, they still find time to continually create and release music. The groups latest album "Love: Unity and Diversity," which dropped this March, is gaining notice from many people. The 12 track project shows Caught On Cline's versatility and complete originality, while also showing how hard it is to classify the sound they create into even a handful of genres. And that puts them in a lane all their own as they cruise to their destiny of greatness.

Of those 12 songs, Caught On Cline has been promoting the single "Existing Love." The Neo-soul/ RnB single holds a vibe seldom heard in music of today and even yesterday. Such individuality seems to place only the greats in the conversation when trying to explain what they create to someone new. Which leads me to the most important part...You Need To Take A Listen To This Amazing Group!!! 

Caught On Cline can be found all over the web. Their latest album release "Love: Unity And Diversity" is  currently available on all major streaming and distribution sites/apps. For your listening pleasure we have included the Spotify link. Check it out today!!

'CLICK HERE to listen to 'Love: Unity and Diversity" On Spotify

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