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Casey Clark Returns With His Charisma And Creativity In His New Single "Train"

Singer/Songwriter Casey Clark is a firm believer that honesty always attracts a crowd. And it’s proven to be a potent tool for this Nashville based, North Carolina native. With his faith placed in the power of a well crafted tune, Clark’s work as a songwriter and road dog have won him respect from industry icons and classic country fans alike. Clark is on a relentless journey to capture the people and scenery of rural America one last time before they cease to exist.

Growing up in Casey's home, as with many others in the south, Westerns were always on TV. He always felt a commonality with the characters in the westerns. They worked hard, never complained, didn’t take sh** off of anybody. Most fascinating to Casey were the outlaws and train robbers. Especially Jesse James. Casey's interest had him digging a little deeper into history and found many robbers motivation was insufficient income from the manual labor jobs they worked by day. They couldn't keep food on the table. With this in mind,...Casey caught a feel for a song.  Sitting down one night, he pulled up the most recent version of the Jesse James story directed by Andrew Dominik.

Casey has been quoted as saying;
"There’s this pitch black scene where the gang is sitting around the campfire chanting confederate battle songs and waiting on the ground to rumble as a passenger locomotive approaches.
Jesse puts his ear to the track, checks his gold laced pocket watch and you see the train’s headlights burning through the hardwood trees. There’s a very specific sound a locomotive makes with the wheels are spinning that we all know. I picked up my old Gibson, tuned it way down, and starting writing the soundtrack of a train robber."

And the final product is the new single "Train." Uptempo and exciting it is currently available on all major digital distribution sites. CLICK HERE to stream on Spotify.   

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