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AaedaRyda Dropped Something Hot To Ride To With His Single "Its The Ryda" And it is Quickly Trending

Independent emcee AaedeRyda brings a realistic street feel to his music. His tone and topics quickly set him apart from the studio gangsters. You can hear the real struggle and persistence for a brighter day in his deliver. His latest single "Its The Ryda" is with out a question a new street anthem. A catchy but grimy instrumental accompanies AaadeRyda's vocals. AadeRyda spits heavy bars of street life and rugged survival. Giving a full explanation with out trying, that when in these hungry artists should know...its a Ryda. And with the single going viral on the popular Soundcloud app/website (1.7 Million streams in just 8 days) it is obvious rydas around the world are drawing to this single quickly. Check "Its The Ryda" out today!!

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