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Some 'Brand New' (To Ya'll, Anyways!!) Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra tracks

Actually, these two new uploads, "SHAKE WHAT YOU GOT, 'CAUSE SOME OTHERS GOT LESS!!" (yup, that's the title!!), and "NOW, FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT", are tracks from a 1989 cassette-album I done called "INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH". Over the weekend (since the album turns 20-years-old in September), I've found the 2002 CD-remaster I made of the cassette, and Re-Remastered it. Sounds damn good after all this time. And yes, "Shake What You Got..." is the FIRST OSMOSIS-named cassette… Continue

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I can't find it!!! YO--anyone SEEN it?!! Where's it at?!

Yeayeayea, ya'll reading that BLOG TITLE and askin', "What the FUNK is OSMOSIS ramblin' 'bout? Seen WHAT?!"

Well, to paraphrase a co-worker of mine, it's MY ASS!!! See, the gag goes like THIS:

You work so hard, pulling in all hours and giving it your all, that you're so exhausted from all the accomplishments. If feels like your b-hind has fallen off in the process.

Now, when he first told me that phrase and description some 4 years back, I fell out… Continue

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The new OSMOSIS MP3-Album is available for DOWNLOAD on Soundclick!!!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa, BOY!!! IT'S READY!!!! (And, priced just right, too!!)

The name of the new OSMOSIS (MP3-only) album is:

"AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE FUNK!! (AND IT'S GOOD FOR YA')". Instead of the 6-song format I've been using for OSMOSIS cassette/CD/MP3-albums for some 19 years (and some 'change'--heh heh), I decided to go for "More FUNK; Less BUCK" (something we could ALL relate to in these tough…

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Show Some Love To The Hot-n-Sexy "THUNDERELLA"-Babes!!!

The new music video to the new OSMOSIS song, "GIRLS WITH MUSCLE MAKE BOYS HUSTLE!!", is quickly becoming a YouTube monster. And, I invite all of my fellow MyFunk friends to SEE for themselves. Just click the LINK Below, and get funky with the Thunderellas!!!

Hey, it ain't nothin' but the FUNK---and it's…

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Nothing Important; Just a HOLIDAY MESSAGE from OSMOSIS:


Catch ya'll on the Turn'Round in 2009. PEACE.

-Lawrence (a.k.a. OSMOSIS)

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