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Not going anywhere? .... Grab a JimiSly

JimiSly posted some material for download @ You can preview it here on myFunk @ mypage. Just a little something for the hot summer nights and days made to take you on a vacation even without you leaving the couch. And it's all free. Why?.........because we love you yeah yeah yeah......JimiSly

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Me and my Thang


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1)Lying: we have been lied to about our cost of living for years. Overcharging when the truth is Earth WAS meant to overproduce everything in abundance. Now our own greed is showing itself cause we the people thought we were slick. This oil is a metaphor for how slick we have been for years. Now the lie is catching up with everybody. We say we love… Continue

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My Conversation with the yZa

This is an excerpt form an interview with JimySly conducted by me the yZa (pronounced wise-ahh), twin of JimiSly, in November 2009.

yZa: What up my brother ? I must say I was suprised that for this to be acoustic guitar and one track it is so very well done.

JS: Like ribs coming off the grill on the fourth of July. Thanks for the compliment. It is much appreciated.

yZa:You're welcome, Jimi. How did "just the Idea of that" come about as a musical… Continue

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The real Michael Jackson Story.....Another Part of Me, of You, of Us

His story is our story. Some are born in poverty. Some are very abused. Some come into the world innocent yet the world in due time takes their innocence from them. Some play the role to try and fit into what they think is reality. Some hang with the dignitaries of the society. Some migrate to the lower part of the spectrum and hang with the pimp and hustlers. Some get enough and do away with their lives completely. Some are hated and learn to live with it. Some are the haters. Some believe in… Continue

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What was the BEST P-FUNK SHOW you attended EVER?

where was it? why you feel that one did good to your earhole? and also year............................The show that was funkier than a mosquito's tweeter as Ike and Tina would say.

I personally have 2 shows. Both in Dallas TX.

1) 1997 Smokin Grooves tour. "Booty" with babblin Kabbabie rappin about booty. Off the Chain. They were showing the youngsters just how to put on a show. That was also Erykah's 1st outting and she was good and OutKast (baby in the making) and… Continue

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Is Barack Obama really black?

I thought about this earlier this year and wrote it out cause if he is considered an african-american then he would have at least a nickname like "pookey", June-june", "Rack", Day-day", "Clip", "my Dog" at least or something. And how come he ain't got no Auntie's named Netta Jo, aunt Ruby, Aunt Wanda, Aunt Sandra Kay, Aunt Lennie Mae, Aunt Sang or sumthin. No Uncle Bo-bo or uncle in jail. No cousin Quesha, Sammy, Joe-Joe, Ray Ray, Jalesa, Makeisha, Lakeisha, JaQuan, TeShawn, none of that. Even… Continue

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TOP ten GROUP of people who will not be able to SMOKE WEED once it's LEGAL

1: Limit the size of people who can smoke weed to 400 pounds. Reason is they will only get bigger from smoking weed because of the munchies. However, if they love and cherish every big fat square inch of their own assets we should let them puff-n-stuff as much as they want. They really ain't hurting nobody.

2: If you live in an area ravished by famine, sorry no weed. You already ain't got enough food to eat and marijuana's biggest side effect is the munchies. This my friend would…


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Top ten new religions of 2009

Here's something I just come up with. Wanna share it with my peeps here at MyFunk:

Top Ten New Religions of 2009

Zoodist = people that believe we evolved from apes. AKA Our kinfolk lives at the Zoo

Ain't Thee ist = People that believe there is no God yet think they are, uh, God

Puzzlems =People that believe in hating they're brother. AKA the big bangist. Will blow up at anytime and puzzle people.

Confusionist = People that just don't wanna… Continue

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Brothers Sisters and E>T>

If we are not brothers and sisters then why do we believe ET exist. Why are we willing to

embrace something from another world instead of those of our own? How can be fascinated with someone so different but when we look at our own kind our stomach churns with hate and our hearts are filled with murder. How can we handle them if we can't handle living with each other? What if ET was green-orange with 3 mouths, no hands and 5 legs, do we need a pistol? What if his only dialect is Titan,… Continue

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MY conversation with the real ET

Yeah I know ain't nobody gonna believe this but Pee on you if you don't but I had a conversation with America's most controversial being ever, Mr E.T. I really enjoyed it cause he gave me insight on several things. One in particular was why they will not stay on Earth and live among us. He explained that if he ever exposed himself to the public he would have to register as a sex offender. He really didn't understand the word SEX untill in 1972 on the cover of a magazine, some lady said she had… Continue

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Rat Poison........... the meaning

Rat=people= tax payers that get knocked outta society due to their........

Poison=crack/meth=vices of people=leading back to what you did while you down

and the escape it provides for the moment. A personal DR Feelgood

Fat cat=government officials=laws=How to take someone that one day could rehab

into a new being yet obstructs his view to the way outta the cage concept

that we the people leave in their mind aka you'll never change so here's your

category for… Continue

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Rat Poison..........Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!11

This message contains material capable to make you transgress or relapse


There goes one rat running thru the maze

looking for his poison so they locked him in a cage

The cage's a little crowded so they had to let him out

You know the 1st thing he did was continued his route

Back to examining and checking his old tracks

Found the same old home in the same old crack

Saw a new family living in his… Continue

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