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Jonathan Cavier Delivers a Delicious Dish of Romance in His Latest Single Release "When You Come Around"

 Singer/ Songwriter Jonathan Cavier returns with his latest release "When You Come Around." A love ballad delivered elegantly, Jonathan puts into words the feeling a man can have for a special woman. He explains to her his understanding of growth and decision in her life. He stands behind…


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Shane Guerrette is Wound Up about an Amazing Piece of Musical Art He Produced and Recorded in His Bedroom. And You Should Be Too

    Hard guitar pieces placed over a rocking drumline is the perfect background for the soulful singing of Shane Guerrette. And this Latham, New York entertainer brings an impressive mix of rock and roll and a jazz like rhythm and blues feel to his performance.

   At only the young age of 20, this…


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Singer/Songwriter Dom Mar KZ Enlists A Classic Vehicle And Acoustic Guitar To Show The World His Destiny In His New Music Video Release. Check Out This Funk!!

   Singer and Song Writer Dom Mar KZ, delivers an instantly rememberable video for his latest single, Destiny. Dom displays his amazing talents as a singer as well as guitarist as he belts out clean vocals over a well noted guitar riff played by Dom himself. Accompanied by a crisp and professional visual…


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Hip Hop Emcee Fame Johnson Prepares to Release His Highly Anticipated Album "Da Wave". We Got a Sneak Peak and it's A Wave Worth Riding.

Fame Johnson has been hard at work to be recognized as a lyricist worth listening to. And he never fails to impress. Prepping to release his second full length album, Fame took a little time out his…


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R&B Funk Rock Band Roadcase Royale Release New Single and Lyric Video for Anthem "Get Loud"

   Allow us to introduce you to a band with some amazing history...Roadcase Royale. A newly formed band featuring Nancy Wilson of Rock N Roll Hall of Fame group, Heart and Liv Warfield formerly of Princes New Power Generation. And they are…


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Jonathan Cavier Releases New Single/Video "Comes A Moment", from His Debut Solo Album "Premier"

    Pop singer-songwriter Jonathan Cavier, is on a roll for the 1st quarter of 2017. His Debut Solo Album "Premier" is currently available for purchase on Itunes, as well as for streaming on Spotify. And it is doing very well on sales, streams and feedback. His latest video release for the single "Comes A…


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Songstress Amilia K Spicer Releases Her New Music Video "Fill Me Up"

   Amilia k Spicer is having a busy year already. And releasing beautiful music in the process. This rural Pennsylvania raised singer is setting herself about from others quickly with her perfectly tuned vocals and professional quality sound and looks.

   Amilia recently performed at the Folk Alliance…


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French Singer-Song Writer Ben Popp, Releases A New Video to His Song "Le Chant Des Sirenes"

     Music has no barrier. And difference in creation of art does not take away from creativity. And that leads us to French singer Ben Popp's latest visual release for his single "Le Chant Des Sirenes".  We can't really speak on the actual content due to us not speaking French, but we still recognized originality. Rhythmically…


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Young Performer Tyler Colt is Receiving Deserved Recognition for his Single and Video "Come Home"


   Tyler Colt is an up and coming musician that almost seems destined for greatness. From his dream boyish look to his well written music and exciting videos, he is quickly establishing himself in the music industry. And with the material we have heard, it won't be long til he…


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Duo Social Gravy Are Making Alot of Noise With The New Single "Make It Rain"

  Belarusian Vee Bordukov and Br born Brad Kohn, make up the group Social Gravy, who has been making a name for themselves on the independent music circuit, releases their 3rd single "Make It Rain" Their sound has been recognized as a sound reminiscent  of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cold Play, Pink Floyd and even…


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Undress from the You that You Wear and Be You. Let's Get "Naked" With The New Video from Brielle Von Hugel

   F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Records recording artist, Brielle Von Hugel, brings a refreshing emotional depth to the pop scene with her sophisticated voice and natural storytelling. In her latest song "Naked," Brielle’s powerhouse vocals delicately belts over a stripped down solo piano. She…


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Indie Rock band Cranky George Releases Second Single From "Fat Lot of Good" Album with "Misery Road" Music Video


     Cranky George has just released their new visual for "Misery Road." The second single off the groups debut album, "Fat  Lot of Good."  The song and video feature co-founder and actor Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friends Wedding, current CBS series Pure Genius) on vocals. As well as co-founder of both Cranky…


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New Ep "An Intimate Portrait" by Kenny Fame, Brings the Sound of Real Talent back to the Music Industry

   Kenny Fame is an American singer-songwriter who first launched his carrer working at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. Fame's music is a throwback to '70s-soul a la Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Stevie Wonder or David Ruffin; gritty and raw like the days of vinyl records and 8 track tapes.



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Mougleta Serenades Magically in Her New Video Release

  Mougleta is an amazing singer/song writer, of Canadian/Lebanese decent. Musically inspired by the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson and more, she brings a sound of "fun" back to music. Being the daughter of a former drummer( Father), and a mother that sang in the…


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L.A. Band, Sweet Eve, New project "The Immortal Machine" is now Available for Pre-Order

    Los Angeles,CA band, Sweet Eve is preparing to release their project, "The Immortal Machine" December 9th 2017. Already having a unique and distinct sound, they added to the uniqueness by collaborating with former Megadeth drummer, Nick Menza, for 3 of the tracks before his untimely passing. Tony Francis (vocals), and Ian Shea (bass) then re-united with former Sweet Eve members Jimmy James (lead guitar) and Alex Borquez (drums), to finish this amazing project. Produced…


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Is Everything Sounding the Same? Turn off the Mainstream and Tune into the Underground...VerseBorn just Released a New Sound that Embraces Hip Hop's Essence in "Gold Frame"


  The KonQuestNow family continues to show they are a force to be reckoned with as they continue to bless the underground with music that embraces the essence of true hip hop.

   VerseBorn ignites an esoteric thunderstorm on the new track “Gold Frame”. While rooting himself as a…


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Indie Rock Band, Cranky George, Releases the Video and Single to "NightTime"


   Cranky George, the folk-influenced indie rock band featuring actor Dermot Mulroney and co-founder of The Pogues, James Fearnley, has released the first single from their debut full-length album, Fat Lot of Good,  on Rinky Dink Records.  It is available on…

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