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Benard Pollo Releases A Cover Of Maroon 5's 'Wait"

Just a normal guy covering music that touched his soul to touch the listeners souls. Benard Pollo enjoys singing and playing the guitar. He picked up his trusty strings, tuned them up, and made a live cover rendition of maroon 5's popular song "Wait." And Benards talent flows through the music into you chakras. An amazing artist and cover,…


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Ultratone Releases Their New Single "A Dream" From The "Mellow" Album

Ultratone's latest album release 'Mellow" has been doing good on the digital streaming charts. With great reviews they felt it was time to push a new single from the project. This one entitled "A Dream." The up tempo single holds an energetic and positive vibe to its sound. Never spoiling their…


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Singer/Songwriter/Performer Mark Schirmacher Releases His New Single "Are You Okay?"

"Are You Okay?" is the new single from Mark Schirmacher's latest album "Bird In You Tree." A heart felt song of compassion and caring, Mark not only shows us his amazing singing capabilities, but also his talent with live instruments as he plays both guitar and harmonica on this new…


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Cyborg Asylum Delivers A Post-Apocalyptic Video With The Release Of "Paradigm Shift"

Looking like something directly out of the human camps in futuristic Terminator movies, Cyborg Asylum delivers an amazing music video presentation for their latest single "Paradigm Shift"  A single from the popular and well received "Never Finished, Only Abandoned" album, the energy added from the stunning visual effect makes this…


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The New Occupants Drop A Wicked Video For Their Single "Be Careful What You Listen Too"

Crazy visuals, hard music and a million messages hidden with in is the best description for the new video from The New Occupants. Professionally filmed, the video brings an 80's Mtv nostalgic look and feel. Very creative and worth the watch. "Be Careful What You Listen Too" is a single release from the "Halloween is Melting" album. Their…


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Brother Jon Band Drops The Single For "Be On Time"

Brother Jon Band has dropped their new single "Be On Time" for airplay. Performing live and bringing that natural feel of good music are 2 of the bands immediate strong points. Their talent is the icing on the cake. Hailing from the MidWests twin cities, Brother Jon Band continually tours…


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Pop Sensation Rachel Troublefield Is Preparing To Release Her New Single "Put Me In" And We Have An Exclusive Listen

Nashville TN singer/songwriter Rachel Troublefield has been building her buzz for quite some time. The emotion she puts in her music touches the soul as she writes from the heart.  Whether they're celebrating or hurting or feeling painfully awkward in the skin where they sit, Rachel makes…


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Melvin Fromm Jr Signs New Deal And Releases New Single

Starting his May 2018, a record label with the right offer picks up Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. new 2018 music of 150 songs so far with lots more music to come to be released to the entire world in many forms. Melvin…


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Dunja World’s Latest Single Of Unity, “One” Is Now Available on iTunes

Rising pop star Dunja World has released her newest single “One” on iTunes. The song is about peace and how humans belong to one race. “One” combines simple yet powerful lyrics with an instrumental body and classic new age synth tone. Dunja’s voice with rich vibrato will definitely touch the heart of listeners…


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RGF Drops New Single/Video For "Blue Angel"

RGF returns with their hard hitting sound and energy filled presence. The latest single "Blue Angel" is rock-n-roll at its finest. With old film clips expressing the slavery known as employment, RGF tells a visual story that matches the over all aura of the single. Recently released and already…


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Serena Deena Is Creeping Up On 1M Streams And A Brighter Situation With Her Latest Single "Dark Roses"

Serena Deena brings a raw and energetic passion back to music. With amazing vocal presence and a hip hop style of instrumentals, she is gaining notice all across the…


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Author and Producer Brad Geiger Has Just Released His Musical Prodution Album "Tom Rawlings Old Ladies Peep Show"

Brad Geiger and his music isn't exactly something easily categorized in any genre. It could be from his opened life growing up, living in 7 different U.S. cities, Europe and Australia. It could be because he tends to fuse so many styles like Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Dance, Classical…


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Exclusive Listen To Rhett Repko's Upcoming Single Release "Before She Knows"

Rhett Repko has been building his presence on the indie charts. His unique voice and talented instrument playing has brought him a loyal fan base who enjoys the emotions and positiveness that fills the vibes to his music. Always working and always releasing new…


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Bone Nest Brings Something New, Something Different And Something Fresh...And This Is Just The Intro To The Album

Imagine taking everything amazing from every genre from RNB to Psychedelic Rock and blending it together...wonder what you would have?....Bone Nest!!  As an indie artist and producer, this San Francisco native is an avid fan of music. Never really having a specific genre of…


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LOYA Drops New Video "Heptapod"

LOYA has dropped the new single/video "Heptapod" from the Komaglass project. A very urban feel and very soulful presentation, LOYA shows there is no category to place them in unless it's simply "TALENT." The video is very professionally filmed and the editing work is AMAZING. It holds Hollywood Cinema quality, and easy holds the viewers…


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Dj/ EDM Producer NuJ4X Bursts Onto The Scene With His Debut Release "Dab (On Dem Haterz)"

While perfecting his craft, NuJ4X only had two goals....get better and have fun!! And that he does. He brings a raw and wide opened excitement to his music and presentation. Becoming known as 'the masked one" is based on the crazy mask he wears which almost looks digitally altered. His debut single "Dab…


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Nelson King Releases A Motivational Project With "Shine"

Nelson King's new project "Shine"  is quickly spreading light through the indie circuits. Known for filling his music with raw emotion, Nelson King never ceases to amaze and please. The 9 song album "Shine,"  is all about finding your inner light. Believing you can be the best in you and setting…


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Indie Crooner Collin Kozola Releases his Ep "Find MySelf"

Collin Kozola has been independently laying his own path. From singles to videos, this talented artist continues to woo his way into his listeners hearts. He has finally given the listeners his highly anticipated EP release of "Find MySelf." The 5 song short catalog holds all the essence of a…


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Grime Rapper Eddie Vegas Is Dropping His Highly Awaited "Last of The Real" EP

Blackpool, England emcee Eddie Vegas hs been blazing through the indie charts the last year. His animated style and uptempo instrumentals sets him apart from others…


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The Group Dynamos Is Blazing High And Shining With Their 4/20 Release Of "Stainless"

Dynamos been entertaining and rising on the indie scene. Still fresh in the eyes and ears of the listeners, Dynamos hit the indie industry just this year and have quite a nice amount of buzz. A few of their previous singles have been gaining mass attention and they could feel…


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