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January 2013 Blog Posts (13)

Thank you to all our fans

Thank you to all of our fans all over the United States and the world who continue to support good music and provide us with the love and support we need to keep fueling us. Keep funkin'

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RIP Leroy SUGARFOOT Bonner of The Ohio Players


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sanitary valves

sanitary valves We all know that computers have changed our lives for ever and today due to their influence we experience the world of maps in a totally different way to the way we did before. Long gone (for most) is the paper OS Map, you know the one that you can never ever fold up once you have unfurled it. No today we use our GPS,PC's or tablets to view maps. There has been lot of discussion and debates related to Cloud Computing and what it possibly has to offer to users.…


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Alternator Magnet

Alternator Magnet I'm sure everyone has their own special horror stories, but there are a few things, whether with customers or their own company, that most cabling technicians seem to agree to hate. The cloud is still an airy place that many are hesitant to ascend to. But no one can deny the huge growth in successful cloud computing in the past few years. It offers companies more freedom at less cost, and will soon be the most popular way to do business.…


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magnetic separator

magnetic separator to simplify running a business and develop communications, with the result being quick turnaround of information. Technology based devices are now widely used because they are inexpensive, easier to use and convenient. Such devices have expanded way beyond business users, so that both young and old can depend on making contacts with people and majority of the people would not leave home without a mobile phone.…


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vibrating screen

vibrating screen This year there was a very significant court case that was settled and unless you were really purposely paying attention to it, the issues and the final result may have just not intruded into your consciousness. This case was the Apple versus Samsung lawsuit. The basic underpinning of this lawsuit is pretty straightforward, although as usual, it was more complicated than you might have expected.vibrating screen It shocks me to see…


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Molybdenum as used by the best marketers in the industry. As we innovate and add to the technical capabilities to our technology branded products, it is creative marketers that take the different functionalities and morph it into their specific requirement to produce outstanding results for their marketing goals and benefits their clients at the same time. Adobe Acrobat is application software developed to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF).…


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3d crystal laser

3d crystal laser charities spread their messages and reach their potential sources of funding and aid. However, all of these technologies can also have more direct applications for some charities by actually assisting the work that they carry out. Dragon Medical Practice Edition with Philips III Microphone is a combination package, including voice recognition software and hardware. The convenience of paired software and hardware packages is that the pieces have been designed to work…


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iPhone Parts

iPhone Parts the kind of work they do, they are: Many of the trends we discussed in 2011, and saw in 2012, were pretty much spot on. Technology like mobility, tablet style endpoints, cloud computing, big data, and were big in 2012. Even with the languishing U.S. economy, IT spending among the SMB subsector was slightly up for the bulk of 2012. Titanium RodThat being said, what IT solutions will the typical SMB entity be…


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titanium alloy

titanium alloy this technology to make it useful to the masses. These days, 3D printing technology is even used in the field of medical science. Scientists and researchers from across the planet have been working continuously to apply this technology in the medical science. By doing so, they are trying to make various treatments accessible to the people. The concept of a tablet PC is not new; however it was only with Apple's introduction of the Apple iPad in the year 2010,…


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Polyolefin Lead lined products and rooms are of such great importance in today's society. Lead linings are used the country over in countless facilities such as within hospitals and private clinical in order to provide medical radiation shielding. They are also used in construction and defence and help to protect people and the environment from harmful rays. Search engine marketing companies are now not only held liable to bring traffic to websites, but compelling site visitors to take…


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Presenting: The Lige Curry Project!

The Prestigous Lige Curry Project.

This is a Unique fusion between P-Funk and MixTailes. Resulting in this extraordinary sound.

I got this fantastic opportunity to collab with the Funk Legend Mr Lige Curry (Bassplayer of George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic)

Grabbing this with both hands and enjoying every second working on this project



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                           “MUSEO COMECHINGÓN” 

(Cañada Larga – Camino Altas Cumbres - Km 4 - Córdoba-Argentina) 

Al aire libre, bajo las estrellas, en el Anfiteatro Natural del Jardín…


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