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I know that for me..."the magic 1510 am" was THE funky station in Colorado...I listened to it and thought I was hip...but day in 76 I was taken into my mom's best friend's son's bedroom!
It was a Chapel to Parliament.....all thangs Funkadelic was up in there... I was hooked for life!

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I remember listening to Dr Dre's The Chronic and some Ice Cube from The Predator album. I heard all of this crazy stuff they sampled and after I found my first P-Funk cd which was Best of compilation. I was hooked after that.
It all started one summer afternoon in 1967, while visiting cousins in East Orange N.J.I was taken to a free concert at some school and out on the black top some lady by the name of Dionne Warwick :) was belting out some soulful stuff in between sets the Disc Jockey played a song called I Just Wanna Testify by an unknown group to me called the Parliaments . I went back home to D.C. never to find 45 or LP 2 YRS later I BOUGHT MY VERY FIRST FUNKADELIC ALBUM not realizing until years later they were one in the same BEEN HOOKED EVERY SINCE
My first time was radio KDIA in San Francisco, and Ive been hooked ever sence SOMEBODY HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 123456789101112 song with the pinball animation,
also my mum playing James Brown 'ON THE GOOD FOOT record.
and my Aunts playing FUNKY DOLLAR BILL 'from 'free your mind and your ass will follow
also the same Aunty took me to see the movie 'The mother ship connection .
well, my first time on The Mothership was Mardi Gras '96 at Tipitina's, but "when I caught the contagious illness which is FUNK was..

Also, 1996, Friday the 13th, September... Mothership Connection Tour, featuring Funkadelic > Bootsy's New Rubberband > P-Funk All-Stars, full on with Fred Wesley & The Brides of Funkentstein... Memphis, Tennessee's Mid-South Coliseum (which fucking looks like a spaceship from the outside)... Our brother TuPac Shakur had been shot earlier that week & had passed on just before the show... Mr. William "Bootsy" Collins dedicated "I'd Rather Be With You" to TuPac, then towards the end of the song, when the P-Funk All-Stars began to segue onto the stage with the New Rubber Band, Bootsy came out into the crowd from the front of the stage, comes out in between the center section of seats and the stage right section, strolls out to the 6th row, steps into the center section, over to the 8th/9th seats, steps over to the 7th row, then reaches for my shoulder to step over into my seat. He then turns around, with his left hand on my right shoulder and begins "throwing the FUNK sign" to DogFather George Clinton, which went on for at least a couple of minutes. That I would say was the definitive moment that they let the others who needed to know who I was, who I was, and made sure I knew. This past summer I was onstage for a while at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California (technically was 06.07.08 by the time the show started around midnight).

try to track down copies of either show, this JazzFest at the Republic in New Orleans (05.02/03.08) or at Harmony Fest 08

transmission complete
Dr. Pork Chop Funkensteem
2001 lupos providence(2'nd location) Parmilent lord was it a great day
I was 5 years old, the year was 1970. My mother had the 45 sinlge to I Wanna Know If It's Good To You? She didn't like it too much, said it was too psychedelic for her so she let me keep it in my record pile. I loved the way the B-Side just smacks you in the face with the instrumental part of the song. The name Funkadelic is what stood out to me. I played that record the most, even more than Sly & The Family Stone and Jimi Hendrix. Growing up here in Oakland, Ca we got first dibs on the psychedelic scene. She wasn't doing the drugs but the whole psychedelic culture was just everywhere around the Bay Area, she had the black light posters and all.
My step brother's room was steeped in Hendrix, Santana, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, while my mother and step fathers' collection was full of R&B, Jazz, Blues, Doo Wop & some old school Rock & Roll. That Funkadelic cut had all of the above. I was hooked ever since. By the time Mothership Connection came out I wanted badly to see these guys in concert. I missed the '77 Earth Tour because my mother said I was too young to go to any concert without her and she wasn't about to let me go. My first P-Funk concert ever was the 1979 World's Greatest Funk Festival. I didn't realize at the time the group had been through so many personnel changes but I did notice this was the stripped down version of the Motor Booty Tour. I still remember Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton emerging from the giant skull from between the teeth after the tribal intro of Cosmic Slop. That's what Funked me up for life. Damn y'all. In a Funky sort of way, I'm glad I didn't see the Earth Tour with the Landing of the mothership, I probably would've been committed to Funk rehab at the age 11.
in the 1970s Atlantic City had a great funk,R&B,soul station.I loveded that station everytime I was over there. There was a bar called 'Bullshippers Lounge'. Outside on the wall was a giant colorful mural of funky dressed people at the bar BUT they had heads of COWS and BULLS.One day we were drivin by TRIPPIN with ONE NATION on the radio and had to stop at the Bullshippers mural !! The song went on forever and those cowheads were movin! , dancin and lookin at me !- I always associated Bullshippers Lounge with One Nation and I always see Party People with cowheads when I hear that song (especially live - a whole audience full).
Soon after, I worked at a factory in Philly,Germantown,and out of the 100 or so ppl there I was THE white boy.Everybody had their radio tuned to WDAS .When Funkadelic was on it was a TRIP to walk thru the factory and hear all the different radios and all the MACHINES rockin the MFin BEAT ! Spot welders , giant metal presses ,choppers .The 7AM party in the bathroom helped.
I loved the music the second I heard it - as far back as I can remember. I was born hooked and I actually have some extra hooks in case somebody's fallin on to the wagon.
i heard of p funk when i was a teenager in was a time when i listened to funk metal.bands like rhcp,fishbone,mr bungle and on the other hand a lots of ice cube which sampled p madly,back in the,i`m 35 and i can proudly say i`m strung out on p funk.4 life :)
303 on the 5280 I was on 28 and race st. when I heard [what is soul] by funkadelic 1973

The day I got the Mothership Connection LP I'll never forget it.

I was about 9 babysitting at my dads friends house in Lyons, CO. This cd was one of my picks out of the collection there. Right when i heard "Do not attempt adjust your radio, for there is nothing wrong" I knew somethin was about to happen, horns started talkin, the beat dropped and hit me like a ton o' funky bricks. I P'd all over the house all night and am thankfully forever a Funkateer since.


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